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civil war (cap.)The U.S. war (1861-1866) between the Northern states (Union) and the Southern states (Confederacy), which had seceded from the Union because of conflict over states' rights and the practice of slavery. [1/2 definitions]
confederate joined or united in a confederacy; allied. [4/6 definitions]
Creek a member of the strong confederacy of Indian tribes formed from groups previously in Alabama and Georgia, and now mostly in Oklahoma. [1/2 definitions]
Dixie the southern states of the United States, esp. those forming the Confederacy during the Civil War. [1/2 definitions]
Iroquois a member of an American Indian confederacy of New York State that includes the Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, and Tuscarora tribes. [1/3 definitions]
Mahican a member of a tribe or confederacy of North American Indians formerly living in the upper Hudson Valley. [1/2 definitions]
War Between the States the U.S. Civil War, esp. as referred to in the former states of the Confederacy.
Wyandot a North American Indian tribe of the Huron confederacy, originally inhabiting Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario. [1/2 definitions]