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check in to register at a hotel, conference, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
colloquium an informal group meeting or conference. [1/2 definitions]
conferee one who participates in a conference. [1/2 definitions]
conference table a table large enough to accommodate the participants in a conference.
delegate a person who is authorized to speak or act for one or more others, such as a representative to a conference or convention. [1/3 definitions]
delegation a group of persons selected to represent others, as at a conference or convention. [1/3 definitions]
huddle a small private discussion or conference, or the group gathered for it. [1/8 definitions]
nonconference combined form of conference.
party caucus a conference of persons belonging to the same political party, usually convened to nominate representatives or determine policy.
peace pipe a ceremonial pipe for all to smoke during an American Indian peace conference; calumet.
powwow a gathering or conference of or with North American Indians. [2/4 definitions]
Round Table (l.c.) a conference or discussion held at, or as if at, a circular table, or the participants at such a gathering. [1/2 definitions]
symposium a conference or meeting on a single topic, usu. involving several speakers. [1/3 definitions]
talk a conference; meeting. [1/14 definitions]
teleconference a conference of people in different locations who communicate by telephone, television, computer, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
transaction (pl.) the record of proceedings, as of a convention or conference. [1/3 definitions]