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aide a military officer who serves as confidential assistant to a commanding officer such as a general. [1/2 definitions]
blabbermouth (informal) one who talks indiscreetly, esp. one who habitually reveals confidential information.
blind trust certain personal assets, such as stocks, placed under the confidential management of an independent trustee, as in an effort to avoid conflict of interest during one's term of public office. [1/2 definitions]
bosom intimate; confidential. [1/7 definitions]
closet to take aside into a private area, as for confidential discussion. [1/3 definitions]
conclave a secret, private, or confidential meeting or gathering. [1/3 definitions]
discreet reserved and judicious, esp. in talking about or otherwise revealing confidential matters; circumspect. [1/2 definitions]
divulge to disclose (usu. something confidential or secret).
hush-hush (informal) not to be revealed; confidential; secret.
leak the unauthorized release of confidential or sensitive information. [2/10 definitions]
nonconfidential combined form of confidential.
off the record secret or confidential. [1/2 definitions]
plumber (informal) one assigned to find or stop leaks of confidential information. [1/2 definitions]
privileged legally protected against disclosure in court or against charges of slander or libel, as is confidential communication to one's attorney. [1/3 definitions]
skinny (slang) accurate, usu. confidential information (prec. by the). [1/2 definitions]
talk to disclose confidential or secret information. [1/14 definitions]
telltale a person who reveals confidential matters about others; tattler; informer. [1/3 definitions]
undercover engaged in secret or confidential activities, as a spy. [1/2 definitions]