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bench show a competitive show of dogs or cats in which prizes are awarded on the basis of greatest conformity to ideal standards for a given breed.
commissar a Communist party official responsible for political indoctrination and conformity. [1/2 definitions]
compliance acquiescence or conformity. [1/2 definitions]
conformance the act or state of conforming; conformity.
decency conformity to commonly recognized standards of modesty, good taste, and the like; propriety; decorum. [1/3 definitions]
dharma conformity to the essence of the universe or one's self, and therefore to virtue, religion, and law. [1/2 definitions]
groupthink the practice of or tendency toward conformity of thought, opinion, attitudes, or the like, as among members of a profession.
inquisition an official inquiry, esp. for the purpose of enforcing political, social, or religious conformity. [1/5 definitions]
Islamize to convert to, or come to bring into conformity with, Islam.
Judaize to conform to or bring into conformity with Jewish practices, beliefs, customs, or the like.
keeping logical or appropriate conformity. [1/3 definitions]
Latinize to bring into conformity with the beliefs, customs, or practices of the Latins or of the Roman Catholic Church. [1/2 definitions]
legalism strict adherence to the law, esp. excessive conformity to a literal interpretation of the law.
procrustean (often cap.) pertaining to the forcing of someone or something into conformity with preconceptions.
standardize to come into conformity to a standard. [1/2 definitions]
stickler one who insists strictly on the observance of or conformity to something (usu. fol. by for). [1/2 definitions]
strict kept or acting within narrow limits or close conformity to a prescribed standard. [1/4 definitions]
test pilot a pilot who flies new or experimental aircraft to examine their conformity to design standards and ascertain their fitness for use.