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back-to-back following immediately after another; in consecutive order. [1/2 definitions]
dieresis a diacritic mark, such as on this letter "o" (), placed over the second of two consecutive vowels to show that it is pronounced separately.
fiscal year an accounting period that covers any twelve consecutive months, at the end of which the books are closed and profit or loss is determined.
glissando performed by playing or sounding a rapid succession of consecutive tones of a scale, as by sliding one or more fingers over the keys of a piano. [1/3 definitions]
nonconsecutive combined form of consecutive.
scale3 a set of consecutive marks, usu. numbered, on a measuring device such as a ruler or thermometer. [1/10 definitions]
stair one of a set of consecutive steps that lead to an upper or lower level in a building, or the entire set collectively. [1/2 definitions]
staircase an arrangement of consecutive steps with its supporting members, usu. connecting two or more floors of a building.
successive following in sequential order; consecutive. [1/2 definitions]
synodical of or pertaining to the conjunction of two heavenly bodies, esp. the time lapse between two consecutive conjunctions of the same bodies. [1/2 definitions]
triple jump a track-and-field event in which the jumper takes a running start and makes three consecutive jumps for horizontal distance.