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Bourbon a political conservative or reactionary. [1/2 definitions]
conservative (cap.) a member of a conservative party. (Cf. Liberal.) [1/7 definitions]
fuddy-duddy (informal) someone who is old-fashioned, conservative, or exceptionally fussy. [2 definitions]
fusty old-fashioned or conservative. [1/2 definitions]
hidebound extremely conservative, bigoted, or narrow-minded. [1/2 definitions]
High Church of or pertaining to a conservative party in the Anglican Church that advocates retaining many features of Catholic worship. (Cf. Broad Church, Low Church.)
Hinayana the earlier and more conservative branch of Buddhism, which emphasizes self-discipline, meditation, and self-purification. (Cf. Mahayana.)
Middle America the North American middle class, esp. as typified by the conservative or moderate political and social values of the Midwest. [1/2 definitions]
mossback (informal) an old-fashioned or extremely conservative person. [1/2 definitions]
nonconservative combined form of conservative.
old fogy one who is annoyingly conservative or old-fashioned.
old guard (sometimes cap.) the most conservative members of a group, political party, or the like, often in positions of authority or influence.
overconservative combined form of conservative.
prig one who is considered to be too strict, conservative, or smug in his or her conduct or standards of behavior.
right (often cap.) of or pertaining to conservative political views and those who hold them. (Cf. left1.) [2/28 definitions]
rightism politically conservative or reactionary views or activities.
rightist of or pertaining to conservative or reactionary political views. [2 definitions]
right wing those within a political group who are the most conservative or reactionary. (Cf. left wing.)
severe very plain; conservative; austere. [1/4 definitions]
sober subdued or conservative in color or style. [1/6 definitions]
square (informal) one who is conventional, conservative, or old-fashioned. [2/24 definitions]