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alliteration repetition of the same consonant sound in the stressed or initial syllables of words in a phrase or sentence.
appoggiatura in music, a dissonant note in a strong metrical position that resolves to a consonant note in a weaker metrical position. [2 definitions]
concurrent being in accord or agreement; consonant; harmonious. [1/5 definitions]
consonance in prosody, the repetition of the same consonant sound, esp. at the ends of words, as in "print" and "bat". [1/3 definitions]
consonant any letter of an alphabet that is used to represent the sound of a consonant. [2/6 definitions]
fricative a fricative consonant, such as "f," "v," or "s". [1/2 definitions]
palatal articulated with the front of the tongue close to or against the hard palate, as the consonant "y" in the word "yellow". [2/3 definitions]
resolution in music, the passing from dissonant to consonant harmony. [1/8 definitions]
resolve of music, to pass from dissonant to consonant harmony. [1/8 definitions]
rhyme a word that ends with the same vowel sound or vowel and consonant combination as another word beginning with a different sound or cluster of sounds. [1/9 definitions]
semivowel a sound like a vowel sound that is indicated by a consonant, such as the sound of "w" or an initial "y," as in "yell".
sibilant a speech sound or consonant that resembles or suggests hissing, such as "s," "sh," or "ch". [1/2 definitions]
sonorant a voiced consonant regarded as a syllabic sound, as "l," "r," "w," or "y".
tongue twister a word or series of words difficult to pronounce or speak quickly, usu. because of repeated, similar consonant sounds.