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consumptive inclined to consume; wasteful. [1/4 definitions]
curculio any of several weevils that consume fruits and vegetables.
devour to swallow up or consume as if by eating rapidly. [1/4 definitions]
eat to consume (food) through the mouth. [2/7 definitions]
eat up to ravage or consume, as by corrosion. [1/3 definitions]
exhaust to consume all of; use up. [1/11 definitions]
finish to completely use up or consume, esp. food and drink (often fol. by up or off). [1/11 definitions]
gulp to take large swallows of; consume rapidly (often fol. by down). [1/5 definitions]
guzzle to consume (alcoholic beverages or the like) greedily, often, or abundantly.
Hessian fly a small fly, the larvae of which infest and consume the stems of grasses, wheat, and other grain plants.
imbibe to take up or consume by drinking. [1/3 definitions]
incinerate to consume by fire; burn completely.
kill to consume entirely, esp. drink. [1/10 definitions]
overconsume combined form of consume.
suck to consume by dissolving in the mouth. [1/13 definitions]
taste to consume a little bit of. [2/14 definitions]
touch to consume; taste. [1/22 definitions]
use to expend; consume. [1/12 definitions]
use up to completely consume or exhaust; finish.
waste to use, consume, or spend carelessly or for little or no return; squander. [1/18 definitions]