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abstinence a refraining from consumption of alcohol. [1/2 definitions]
albacore a variety of tuna found in warm to temperate waters, and often canned for human consumption.
consumerism the idea that the consumption of goods is beneficial to society or its economy. [1/2 definitions]
consumptive pertaining to use or consumption. [1/4 definitions]
fare something offered for consumption, such as food, drink, or entertainment, esp. in a commercial establishment such as a restaurant or theater. [1/5 definitions]
fountain a counter in a store or restaurant at which one can purchase sodas and other ice cream dishes, and often a limited selection of other light food and drink, for consumption on the premises; soda fountain. [1/5 definitions]
intemperance lack of restraint in the indulgence of an appetite, esp. the consumption of alcohol. [1/2 definitions]
lotus-eater in The Odyssey, one of a group of people whose consumption of lotus fruit caused them to become dreamy and lazy. [1/2 definitions]
milk this liquid produced by cows or female goats and collected for human consumption. [1/7 definitions]
nonconsumption combined form of consumption.
off through the use or consumption of. [1/37 definitions]
offal the parts of a butchered animal considered unfit for human consumption; waste. [1/2 definitions]
overconsumption combined form of consumption.
ration to restrict use or consumption of (scarce goods) to authorized people in authorized amounts. [1/5 definitions]
smoked salmon salmon, usu. brine-cured, that has been smoked in preparation for consumption.
status offender a person who commits an act that is prohibited for one of his or her legal status, such as that of being a minor or a convicted felon. "Status offender" often refers to a minor who commits an act that is not illegal for adults, such as an act of truancy or alcohol consumption.
unclean impure or unfit for consumption, copulation, or ceremonial use, according to biblical laws. [1/3 definitions]
vegan one who abstains completely from the consumption of animal products, including meat, dairy products, and eggs. [1/3 definitions]
waste careless or needless consumption, use, or expenditure. [1/18 definitions]