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age the contemporary world. [1/11 definitions]
agemate one of approximately the same age as another; contemporary; peer.
coeval coinciding in time of origin or existence; contemporary. [1/2 definitions]
hippie someone, esp. of the late 1960s, who rejects the established values of contemporary society, and who demonstrates that rejection through unconventional dress and behavior, and by advocating pacifism and communal living. (See flower child.)
latter-day of contemporary or modern times.
mode2 a contemporary, popular, or customary style or fashion, as of clothing or behavior.
modern dance a form of contemporary dance in which stylized movements of the body depict and express ideas, emotions, and the like.
modernism the tendency to value or adhere to that which is contemporary or modern. [1/2 definitions]
modernize to make modern or contemporary. [2 definitions]
noncontemporary combined form of contemporary.
nouvelle cuisine (sometimes cap.) contemporary French cooking that emphasizes artfully arranged fresh ingredients and uses low-calorie stock-based sauces.
primitivism belief in the superiority of early or primitive civilizations over contemporary ones. [1/2 definitions]
Reconstructionism a twentieth-century U.S. Jewish movement that stresses the cultural continuity of Judaism as a religion, and that encourages adaptation of religious observances to contemporary needs.
time capsule a container for contemporary documents, records, or artifacts to be buried or otherwise preserved for discovery and study by future generations.
ultracontemporary combined form of contemporary.
uncontemporary combined form of contemporary.