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absinthe a bitter green liqueur with high alcohol content, made from wormwood and herbs. [1/2 definitions]
alkalosis a pathological condition of the body fluids, characterized by a dangerously high alkali content.
bond paper a high-grade paper with some proportion of rag content, used for stationery and documents; bond.
censor to examine and control the content of. [1/6 definitions]
change to alter the content or form of. [1/18 definitions]
chatter to speak rapidly and without important content; jabber. [1/7 definitions]
content2 to make content or satisfied; appease. [1/3 definitions]
contented satisfied with existing conditions; content.
contentment the state of being content or satisfied.
discontent not content or satisfied; discontented. [1/4 definitions]
fain willing under the circumstances; content. [1/4 definitions]
formal relating to the external features of something, rather than its content or substance. [1/9 definitions]
genre a category of artistic work marked by a particular specified form, technique, or content. [1/3 definitions]
idealism in the fine arts, treatment of form and content according to standards of perfection. (Cf. realism.) [1/2 definitions]
India paper a very thin, durable, opaque paper with a high rag content, used for Bibles, dictionaries, and the like. [1/2 definitions]
loaded distorted by prejudice or irrelevant emotional content, as a question or assertion. [1/6 definitions]
low-proof having a low alcohol content.
modality in logic, the categorizing of propositions according to their function in affirming or negating their content. [1/4 definitions]
muck wet soil or mud with a high organic content. [1/7 definitions]
oleaginous having a high oil content. [1/3 definitions]
pious having a religious content. [1/4 definitions]