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arm wrestling a contest in which each of two opponents places either the right or the left elbow on a table with the forearm vertical, clasps the opponent's hand, and tries to force the opponent's hand back until it touches the table; Indian wrestling.
battle a contest or competition. [1/5 definitions]
battle cry a slogan or motto used by those engaged in a contest, campaign, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
beat the tar out of to outdo or best by a wide margin, as in an athletic contest. [1/2 definitions]
bench to remove from or prevent from playing in a sports contest. [1/6 definitions]
birl to rotate (a floating log) by running in place on its exposed surface, as in a contest among lumberjacks.
birling a game or contest of skill between two lumberjacks, won by whoever maintains his balance longest while balancing on and rotating a floating log.
blue ribbon the emblem awarded as first prize in a contest or competition. [1/2 definitions]
booby prize an amusing prize given to ridicule one who performs worst in a contest or competition.
challenge a provocative or stimulating invitation to enter into a battle or other contest of skill. [2/7 definitions]
competition a specific instance of competing, such as a contest or game. [1/4 definitions]
contestable combined form of contest.
contestant one who participates in a contest; competitor. [1/2 definitions]
cup a decorative vessel, often of precious metal, that is awarded as a prize to the winner of a contest or game. [1/7 definitions]
debate a formal, structured, and usu. public contest in which two speakers, or two teams of speakers, argue opposing viewpoints on a specific proposition. [1/7 definitions]
decathlon an athletic contest in which each participant competes in ten different track and field events over a period of two days.
default failure to participate in or play to the finish a scheduled athletic event or other contest. [3/14 definitions]
dispute to argue or strive over; contest. [1/7 definitions]
disqualify to strip of some right or privilege, such as the right to participate in an athletic contest; declare ineligible or unqualified. [1/2 definitions]
dopester (informal) one who makes analyses and predictions, as of the outcome of an athletic or political contest.
draw a game or contest that ends in a tie. [1/19 definitions]