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aerodynamic of a contour or surface, offering the minimum of resistance when moving through air. [1/2 definitions]
contour of plowing, following the contour lines of the land, to reduce soil erosion. [2/7 definitions]
contour map a map that shows elevation and land configuration with contour lines.
free-form having an irregular, often curvilinear contour or shape, esp. in graphic design or abstract art. [1/2 definitions]
hatching the drawing or engraving of fine lines close together, used in shading or contour modeling. [1/2 definitions]
jawline the line or contour formed by the lower edge of the jawbone and chin.
line1 (pl.) shape or contour, as of a building, sculpture, or the like. [1/19 definitions]
recontour combined form of contour.
soil conservation a method, such as crop rotation or contour farming, to protect fertile topsoil from erosion or other damage.
streamlined of a contour or surface, designed to offer minimum resistance when moving through air or water. [1/2 definitions]
sweep a continuous or curving line, motion, or contour. [1/16 definitions]
sweeping curving in motion or contour. [1/5 definitions]
tone language a language, such as Chinese, Swedish, or Bantu, in which the pitch or tone contour of a word helps to distinguish its meaning from that of another word that otherwise sounds like it; tonal language.