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anticonventional combined form of conventional.
autogiro an aircraft that is pulled forward by a conventional propeller and held up in the air by a large horizontal rotor mounted on top of the fuselage.
Babbitt the title character and protagonist of Sinclair Lewis's early twentieth-century novel, who is smug, conventional, and resolutely middle-class. [1/2 definitions]
Beat Generation (sometimes l.c.) used to characterize some members of the generation that reached maturity in the late 1950s, esp. in the United States, who were alienated from conventional society and who promoted experimentation in artistic and literary forms.
beatnik a person whose values, self-expression, and dress reflect a rejection of conventional norms of thought and behavior; hippie. [1/2 definitions]
bombproof impervious to damage or destruction by conventional bombs.
cable television a form of television in which the sound and picture signals from distant stations are received by a master antenna and then delivered by electrical cable. Cable television typically provides clear reception, access to a large number of channels, and a relatively wide range of programming, whereas conventional television is limited to the reception of signals from local stations.
conventionality the quality or state of being conventional. [3 definitions]
conventionalize to make conventional. [2 definitions]
cordate resembling the conventional symbol for the heart in shape, as certain leaves.
dear (cap.) used as a conventional greeting that opens a letter. [1/9 definitions]
demimonde a class of women who have fallen into disrepute with conventional society, usu. because of unconventional or immoral behavior or sexual promiscuity. [2/3 definitions]
firebreak in military strategy, the uncertain transitional period or situation between the use of conventional and the use of nuclear weapons. [1/2 definitions]
firestorm an intense, widespread fire, caused by heavy conventional bombing or by an atomic explosion. [1/2 definitions]
forget oneself to fail to act in a conventional, dignified, or self-controlled manner.
formula a conventional model for doing something. [1/6 definitions]
gamut the complete conventional sequence of musical notes. [1/2 definitions]
grace (sometimes cap.) a conventional title used in speaking to a duke, duchess, or archbishop, and formerly to a king or queen (usu. prec. by his, her, or your). [1/10 definitions]
HDTV abbreviation of "high definition television," a form of digital television that broadcasts images with greater detail than conventional television.
iconography the representation of meanings, esp. conventional ones, by visual symbols or images. [1/3 definitions]
longhair (informal) someone with long hair, esp. when hair length symbolizes protest against conventional values. [1/5 definitions]