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alder any of several deciduous trees and shrubs of the birch family that grow in cool, damp regions.
anneal to heat and then slowly cool (esp. glass or metal) so as to strengthen and make less brittle.
anticyclone a large system of winds that rotates around a center of high barometric pressure, moving clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern, and usu. producing cool, dry weather. (Cf. cyclone.)
chilly producing an uncomfortably cool sensation. [1/4 definitions]
clammy damp, cool, and sticky. [1/2 definitions]
cologne a fragrant liquid mixture of alcohol and scented oils, used to cool or perfume the skin; eau de Cologne.
cool something that is cool or somewhat cold. [2/15 definitions]
cooler a machine or container designed to cool or maintain a state of coolness. [1/3 definitions]
dew water droplets that collect, usu. at night, on cool surfaces. [1/3 definitions]
fan1 a hand-held device that opens out to form a triangular shape and that is used to cool the face or body by waving back and forth. [1/7 definitions]
fly3 (slang) cool, appealing, or attractive.
fresh cool, refreshing, and free from impurities. [1/10 definitions]
hip4 aware of, participating in, or belonging to the latest fashions in music, language, clothing, and the like; cool or fashionable. [1/2 definitions]
hookah a smoking pipe with a long tube set in water, designed to cool the smoke as it is drawn through.
hotwalker one who walks racehorses after they have finished a race or workout, in order to cool them off.
montane designating the biogeographic zone in mountain regions that is below timberline and is moist and cool.
nonchalance the condition or quality of being nonchalant; cool confidence and unconcern; casual indifference.
oat (usu. pl.; used with a sing. or pl. verb) a grain plant widely raised in cool climates, or any of several similar plants. [1/2 definitions]
overcool combined form of cool.
plage an area of cool or heated gas on the surface of the sun that appears as a dark or light patch on an image produced by a spectroheliograph.
precool combined form of cool.