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ataxia loss or lack of ability to coordinate voluntary muscle movements.
cerebrum the region of the brain comprising the largest area, acting to coordinate voluntary movement and control conscious mental activity.
Euratom the European Atomic Energy Community, comprised of six nations to coordinate the development and marketing of their nuclear resources.
grid a system of reference lines that intersect at right angles to form uniformly sized squares, used to map points and make diagrams; coordinate system. [1/5 definitions]
intercept in mathematics, the portion of a line that has been intercepted, or the distance from the origin of a coordinate axis to a point at which the axis is intersected by a curve, line, or surface. [1/5 definitions]
key1 to regulate, coordinate, or adjust so that there is harmony or an appropriate match with something else. [1/8 definitions]
line graph a graph that plots the relationship between two variable quantities, represented on horizontal and vertical axes, by connecting their coordinate points with straight lines.
mesh to coordinate or interweave, or become coordinated or interweaved. [1/8 definitions]
orchestrate to arrange, manage, or coordinate (several events, actions, or the like) to produce a desired result. [1/2 definitions]
quadrant in the standard Cartesian coordinate system, one of the four regions into which the vertical and horizontal axes divide the plane. [1/5 definitions]
x-axis in a two-dimensional coordinate system, the horizontal axis, along which the x ordinates are measured. [1/2 definitions]
y-axis in a two-dimensional coordinate system, the vertical axis along which the y ordinates are measured. [1/2 definitions]