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anna a former copper-nickel coin of India and Pakistan, equaling one sixteenth of a rupee.
as2 an ancient Roman copper coin. [1/2 definitions]
azurite a bright azure-blue mineral that serves as a copper ore. [1/2 definitions]
Babbitt metal a soft white metal alloy of tin, copper, and antimony that is used as a lining to reduce friction in bearings.
beryllium a chemical element of the alkaline-earth group that has four protons in each nucleus and occurs in pure form as a hard, light, gray solid, chiefly used in alloys with copper and in aerospace material. (symbol: Be)
brass a yellow alloy consisting mainly of copper and zinc. [1/6 definitions]
braze2 to solder (metal objects) together using a material with a high melting point, such as copper or zinc.
Britannia metal an alloy of tin, copper, antimony, and other metals, similar to pewter and used for tableware.
bronze an alloy consisting mainly of copper and tin. [1/4 definitions]
chalcopyrite a common but important copper ore, characterized by its brassy yellow color.
copper a coin composed of copper or an alloy of copper, such as a U.S. or British penny. [5/7 definitions]
copperhead a venomous snake of the southeastern United States having a copper-colored body with darker bands. [1/2 definitions]
copperplate an engraved or etched flat plate of copper used in printing. [1/3 definitions]
coppersmith an artisan who makes utensils and art objects out of copper.
copper sulfate a poisonous blue crystalline copper compound, used in germicides, batteries, electroplating, and the like.
Cu symbol of the chemical element copper.
cupreous composed of or resembling copper; coppery.
cupric of or composed of copper, esp. divalent copper.
cupro- copper.
cupronickel an alloy of copper containing nickel, used to make coins and hardware.
cuprous of or composed of monovalent copper.