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antiestablishment opposed to the established hierarchy, system, or leadership of a large government, corporation, church, or the like.
arbitrage the purchase of a large number of shares in a corporation in anticipation of the profit that will result from a merger or takeover. [1/3 definitions]
BBC abbreviation of "British Broadcasting Corporation."
bond a piece of paper issued by a person, government, or corporation, signifying debt and promising repayment and interest money. [1/6 definitions]
capital stock the entire amount of stock authorized for issue by a corporation. [1/2 definitions]
CBC abbreviation of "Canadian Broadcasting Corporation."
charter a document issued by a government or other central authority, permitting the organization of a corporation, branch, or other subordinate body. [1/7 definitions]
commonalty a corporation or its members. [1/3 definitions]
common stock ordinary capital shares of a corporation that often provide dividends and confer voting privileges, but that place their owners' claims, in the event the corporation liquidates, below those of holders of preferred stocks or bonds.
Corp. abbreviation of "Corporation," an association of persons recognized by law and authorized to carry out certain functions with powers independent of the individual members (used in a proper name).
corporate of or relating to a corporation. [1/3 definitions]
director one person, or one of a committee of persons, who guides the affairs of a corporation, association, agency, or other organization. [1/3 definitions]
earnings the profits of a corporation or other business entity. [1/2 definitions]
Ethernet a standard local area network architecture that specifies connection types, devices, and protocols (formerly a Xerox Corporation trademark).
executive a person in authority within a corporation, government, or other organization; one who is responsible for managing or directing. [1/5 definitions]
executive officer one who has an executive position in a corporation, organization, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
FDIC abbreviation of "Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation," a U.S. governmental agency that insures deposits in member commercial banks up to a certain amount to protect the public against a bank's failure, and can act to prevent a bank's failure.
Google a U.S. corporation that developed a popular and distinctive Internet search engine. [1/3 definitions]
guildhall the hall where a guild or corporation meets; town hall.
holding company a corporation that controls other companies, either partially or totally, by ownership of their stock.
housecleaning the act or process of improving conditions, as in a business or corporation, with regard to personnel, methods of operation, or the like. [1/2 definitions]