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absorb to accept or assume (cost). [1/3 definitions]
asking price the price or cost of an item for sale (used by a seller usu. to indicate a willingness to accept less money after bargaining).
at the expense of at the sacrifice of or cost of.
bill1 a written statement listing items or services and their cost. [1/7 definitions]
blockbusting the practice of inducing white homeowners to sell their property at low cost by appealing to racist fears of an influx of blacks or other minorities. [1/3 definitions]
blood money money earned at the cost of the suffering or death of others. [1/3 definitions]
Cadmean victory a battle won, but at enormous cost to the victor.
carriage the cost of transporting. [1/5 definitions]
cartage the cost of transporting goods by cart. [1/2 definitions]
COLA an adjustment in wages or payments, or an automatic schedule of such adjustments, based on changes in the cost of living (acronym for "cost of living adjustment").
costless combined form of cost.
costly of high cost, value, or expense. [1/2 definitions]
cost of living the average cost of food, shelter, clothes, and other basic necessities for a household or a single person.
cost-of-living determined by, or adjusted to, changes in the cost of living.
cost-plus of or relating to an agreement or contract on the basis of cost-plus. [1/2 definitions]
cover charge a fixed amount charged by nightclubs and restaurants in addition to the price of food and drink, often used to defray the cost of live entertainment or music.
depreciate to lower the cost or value of, esp. of property for tax purposes, or of money. [2/3 definitions]
depress to cause to decrease in value, cost, or quantity. [1/4 definitions]
differential in comparable things, a difference in cost, pay, quality, or the like. [1/8 definitions]
discount to deduct (an amount or percentage) from a cost or price. [2/11 definitions]
dispensary a public or charitable institution that gives free or low-cost medical aid; clinic. [1/2 definitions]