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ao dai (Vietnamese) the costume traditionally worn by women in Vietnam, having loose-fitting trousers and a long tunic.
carmagnole the costume worn by the revolutionaries, consisting of a short loose jacket with wide lapels, black pants, a red cap, and a tricolored girdle, or the jacket alone. [1/2 definitions]
costume to provide with or dress in a costume. [1/4 definitions]
costumer a person who makes, sells, or rents costumes, as for costume parties or theater companies.
disguise something worn, such as a costume, mask, or the like, to conceal one's identity. [1/5 definitions]
fancy dress a masquerade costume, esp. one that represents a particular period or class of person.
getup (informal) a set or combination of clothing and decoration; outfit; costume. [1/2 definitions]
masquerade to wear a costume or disguise. [1/5 definitions]
motley a jester's costume. [1/4 definitions]
sporran a leather purse or pouch, often covered with fur, that is worn hanging in front of the kilt as part of the dress costume of Scottish Highlanders.
trick or treat a tradition practiced by children at Halloween, consisting of calling on neighbors while dressed in a costume and saying the words "trick or treat!" in order to receive a treat such as candy. [1/2 definitions]
trick-or-treat to engage in the Halloween tradition of visiting neighbors while wearing a costume and requesting candy or other treats by saying the words "trick or treat!"
wig a head covering made of natural or artificial hair, worn to cover baldness or unsightly hair, or as an adornment, esp. as part of a costume. [1/2 definitions]