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bar1 a long counter, often made of smooth, lacquered wood, used as a serving area for beverages or food. [1/13 definitions]
bargain counter a counter in a store that is stocked with items to be sold at reduced prices.
barroom a room where alcoholic beverages are served, usu. at a bar or counter.
bartender one who prepares and distributes drinks at an establishment or counter serving alcoholic beverages.
buffet2 a counter or bar on which food is served. [1/4 definitions]
cafeteria a dining hall or restaurant in which customers select or are served their food at a counter and carry it on trays to their tables.
clerk a person who works at a sales counter. [1/4 definitions]
contrary in opposition; counter. [1/6 definitions]
counterman a man who serves customers from behind a counter, as in a diner or cafeteria.
counterperson a person who serves customers from behind a counter, as in a diner or cafeteria.
counterplot to plot (some action) in order to counter another plot. [1/4 definitions]
crosscurrent (often pl.) a tendency or movement, as of politics or ideas that is counter to the main tendency or movement. [1/2 definitions]
desk a place or surface, usu. a counter, at which special functions are performed. [1/3 definitions]
diner an informal roadside restaurant serving meals at a long counter or booths. [1/3 definitions]
Formica trademark for a heat-resistant and chemical-resistant covering of thermosetting plastic, esp. used on tables and counter tops.
fountain a counter in a store or restaurant at which one can purchase sodas and other ice cream dishes, and often a limited selection of other light food and drink, for consumption on the premises; soda fountain. [1/5 definitions]
Jesuit a member of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic religious order for men, founded in 1534 during the Counter-Reformation.
luncheonette a plain and inexpensive restaurant, usu. having a counter and tables, that serves sandwiches and other lunch food.
piece one of the small objects used in playing board games such as chess; counter. [1/10 definitions]
salad bar a self-service counter in a restaurant or cafeteria offering a variety of salad ingredients and dressings.
snack bar a counter or lunchroom where light meals or snacks are served.