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coupling the act or process of joining; the forming of a couple; pairing; copulating. [1/2 definitions]
dock1 to couple in space, as spacecraft. [2/8 definitions]
doublet two similar things; pair or couple. [1/4 definitions]
duo two people who habitually associate with each other; couple. [1/3 definitions]
epithalamium a poem, ode, or song honoring a bride, bridegroom, or couple.
fandango a lively Spanish or Spanish-American dance in triple time for a couple playing castanets, or the music that accompanies this dance.
honeymoon a vacation or trip taken by a couple to celebrate their marriage. [1/4 definitions]
intercouple combined form of couple.
joint return a single U.S. income tax return combining the individual incomes of a married couple.
live1 to dwell as a couple. [1/10 definitions]
lover (pl.) a couple who are having a love affair. [1/4 definitions]
ménage à trois household of three (French); a household consisting of a married couple and a single person who is the lover of one of the spouses. [1/2 definitions]
palimony a form of alimony, granted or paid after the separation of an unmarried couple who have lived as though married for a substantial period.
round dance a dance, such as a waltz or polka, in which a couple circles around the dance floor. [1/2 definitions]
separate to discontinue living together as a married couple, either prior to or without obtaining a divorce. [1/12 definitions]
shivaree a raucous mock serenade for a newly married couple. [1/2 definitions]
twain two of anything; pair; couple.
twosome a group of two; duo; couple. [1/2 definitions]
wed to join (a couple) in marriage. [1/5 definitions]