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broadside to collide with, as in an automobile crash. [1/9 definitions]
collision an act or instance of coming together with violent force; crash. [1/2 definitions]
crack-up a collision of a vehicle; crash. [1/2 definitions]
ditch a crash landing by an airplane on water. [3/7 definitions]
drum kit a set of percussion instruments arranged for convenient playing by a drummer in a band, the basic set of which usu. includes a bass drum, a tom-tom, a snare drum, a high-hat, and a crash cymbal, also called a drum set.
kamikaze in the Japanese armed forces during World War II, a pilot whose mission was to crash his airplane against the target as a suicide bomb.
smash to crash or slam with great force (usu. fol. by against, into, through, or the like). [1/13 definitions]