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à la king diced and cooked in a cream sauce with green peppers, pimentos, and mushrooms.
à la mode served with an ice cream topping, as pie or other desserts, or braised with vegetables and served in a rich brown gravy, as beef. [1/2 definitions]
angel food cake a light white sponge cake made of beaten egg whites, cream of tartar, flour, and sugar.
baked Alaska a rich dessert made by piling ice cream on top of a layer of cake, covering the whole with meringue, and baking or broiling until the meringue begins to brown.
Bavarian cream a dessert composed of gelatin, whipped cream, eggs, and fruit flavoring and similar to a soufflé.
bisque1 a thick cream soup made with shellfish, meat, or strained vegetables. [2 definitions]
black of coffee, taken without cream or milk. [1/13 definitions]
blini small, thin buckwheat pancakes served with caviar and sour cream.
blusher a cosmetic in cream or powder form, used to give a rosy tinge to the cheeks; rouge. [1/2 definitions]
bombe a frozen dessert consisting of two or more different kinds of ice cream, often with a light, frothy center made of eggs and sugar, frozen in a melon-shaped mold.
borscht a hot or cold beet soup, often served with sour cream.
butter a solid fat made by churning cream, used for cooking and spreading on bread. [1/3 definitions]
café noir black coffee (French); coffee without milk or cream.
cappuccino espresso coffee mixed with steamed milk and often topped with cinnamon or chocolate and whipped cream.
charlotte a dessert made by lining a mold with cake, which is then filled with custard, cooked fruit, or whipped cream.
charlotte russe a dessert consisting of a lining of ladyfingers or sponge cake filled with Bavarian cream.
cheesecake a rich cake containing sweetened cream cheese or cottage cheese, milk, eggs, and flavoring. [1/2 definitions]
cherries jubilee a dessert made of vanilla ice cream topped with a sauce of black cherries and served flambé with brandy or kirsch.
churn an apparatus in which cream or milk is beaten or agitated to form butter. [2/6 definitions]
cornet a cone-shaped wafer or pastry, used to hold ice cream or the like. [1/2 definitions]
cream a food containing cream or having a creamy layer or center. [6/14 definitions]