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bonbon a candy with a filling of fruit jam, nuts, or creamy sugar paste enclosed in a coating of chocolate or the like.
Camembert a rich creamy cheese with a soft center.
cream a food containing cream or having a creamy layer or center. [1/14 definitions]
dip a liquid or soft substance into which something is dipped, esp. a sauce or creamy mixture for dipping small pieces of food. [1/15 definitions]
fondant a soft creamy paste made of sugar, water, and cream of tartar, used in icing and candy. [1/2 definitions]
French dressing in the United States, a bright orange, creamy salad dressing that is made commercially. [1/2 definitions]
hard sauce a sweet, creamy mixture of butter, confectioner's sugar, and rum or brandy that is often served over plum puddings, steamed cakes, and the like.
hollandaise sauce a rich, creamy sauce made of egg yolk, lemon juice, and butter, usu. served over vegetables or fish.
pudding a soft creamy or spongy dessert, usu. made by boiling or baking a mixture of milk, flour, eggs, and sugar, and adding fruit or other flavoring. [1/5 definitions]