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allegorize to create or use allegories. [1/3 definitions]
animated cartoon a motion picture made by photographing a sequence of drawings showing stages of movement, so as to create the illusion of motion when the images are projected in quick succession.
animator a person who creates or helps to create animated cartoons. [1/2 definitions]
assure to say to with force or conviction in order to create trust or give confidence. [1/3 definitions]
author to be the author of; create; make. [1/3 definitions]
back up to create and store a copy of (a computer file), often in a separate location, in case the original is damaged or lost.
bead to use beads to create decorative products. [1/8 definitions]
beading the activity of using beads to create decorative products. [1/4 definitions]
Berlin Wall a barrier first erected in 1961 that separated West Berlin from East Berlin, eventually fortified and extended to create a border between West Germany and East Germany, and ultimately opened to unrestricted transit on November 9, 1989, prior to being dismantled.
bore1 to create (an opening such as a tunnel) by cutting through. [2/7 definitions]
braid to create by such interweaving. [1/5 definitions]
broach to create or enlarge (a hole), esp. in order to draw out liquid, as from a cask. [1/7 definitions]
bubble to create or emit bubbles. [1/7 definitions]
bud1 to develop or create buds. [1/7 definitions]
build to create by joining various parts and materials; construct. [3/7 definitions]
carve to create for oneself through much effort (usu. fol. by "out"). [1/5 definitions]
catalog to enter items into a catalog, or to create a catalog. [1/5 definitions]
cellulite fatty deposits, especially in the area of the hips and thighs, which create a dimpled appearance on the surface of these areas.
chamfer to cut off a corner or edge of; create a chamfer. [1/2 definitions]
chink1 to create chinks in. [1/3 definitions]
cocreate combined form of create.