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anticline a formation of rock layers characterized by two downward slopes going in opposite directions from a central crest. (Cf. syncline.)
arÍte a sharp, narrow ridge or crest on a mountain.
basilisk any of various tropical American lizards characterized by an erectile crest on the head and the ability to run at high speeds. [1/2 definitions]
blue jay a common jay of eastern North America, with a crest, a bright blue upper body and head, and distinctive white and black markings.
chine crest; ridge. [1/4 definitions]
cockateel a small parrot with a gray body and a prominent, sometimes yellow crest, often kept as a pet.
comb the fleshy crest on the head of some domesticated fowl and other birds, most prominent on the male, such as the rooster. [3/9 definitions]
couchant of an animal on a heraldic crest, lying with the front feet forward and the head elevated. [1/2 definitions]
crest to top with, or as though with, a crest. [1/7 definitions]
crestless combined form of crest.
crown the crest of a bird. [1/21 definitions]
harpy eagle a large, strong eagle of the American tropics, with black and white plumage, short wings, and a double crest.
hood something that resembles such a covering, such as some flower parts or a crest or marking on the heads of certain birds. [1/6 definitions]
hoopoe a bird with plumage of a marked design, an erect, fanlike crest, and a long, thin, slightly curved bill.
kinglet any of several small songbirds of North America and Europe with a brightly colored crown or crest.
lapwing a European plover that has a narrow, upswept crest, or any of several related birds.
mandrill a large West African baboon with a beard, crest, and mane, a tawny coat, and, on the mature male, bright blue and red ribbed markings on the face.
merganser any of various large diving ducks that have a narrow bill with a hooked tip and serrated edges, and usu. a crest on the head.
oarfish any of several large slender ocean fish, ranging in length from about twelve to almost thirty feet, that have a dorsal fin along the entire length of the back and a red-tipped, manelike crest at the back of the head.
pileate in ornithology, having a crest that extends from the base of the bill to the nape. [1/2 definitions]
pileated woodpecker a large black and white North American woodpecker with a prominent red crest.