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Argonaut in Greek mythology, any of the crew of the Argo, who sailed with Jason in search of the Golden Fleece.
artillery mounted large-caliber weapons, such as cannons or rocket launchers, used in land warfare and manned by a crew. [1/3 definitions]
barratry in law, a breach of duty by a ship's captain or crew that results in loss to the ship's owner. [1/2 definitions]
brakeman a member of a railroad crew whose duties include inspecting the train and assisting the conductor.
caboose a car at the rear of a freight train, used by the crew as a place for eating and sleeping.
capsule in spacecraft, a sealed, pressurized, detachable cabin for crew and/or instruments. [1/7 definitions]
cinematographer in a film crew, the main camera operator, who is responsible for lighting, camera angles, and the like.
cockpit an enclosed area from which the pilot and crew control an airplane. [2/3 definitions]
company the officers and crew of a ship. [1/7 definitions]
cox (informal) to act or serve as coxswain, esp. to a boat or its crew. [1/2 definitions]
crewless combined form of crew.
crewman a male member of a crew, esp. in nautical work or sport.
flattop a hairstyle, similar to a crew cut, but made flat across the top. [1/2 definitions]
flight crew the crew of an aircraft.
flight engineer the member of a flight crew who handles the mechanical aspects of a flight.
fuselage the body of an airplane, to which the engines, wings, and tail are attached and within which the passengers, crew, and cargo are contained.
grip a stagehand or film production crew member who helps in adjusting sets and props. [1/14 definitions]
master builder a skilled building contractor or architect, often the supervisor of construction operations and crew.
nacelle an enclosure on an aircraft for housing the engine, the cargo, or the crew and passengers. [1/2 definitions]
privateer a commander or crew member on such a ship. [1/3 definitions]
ready room a room where crew members of an aircraft receive instructions before takeoff.