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censor a critic or detractor. [1/6 definitions]
gadfly a persistent critic, esp. of established institutions and policies. [1/3 definitions]
George Bernard Shaw an Irish-born British playwright and critic (b.1856--d.1950).
hatchet man a writer or critic who maliciously attacks people to destroy their reputations. [1/3 definitions]
H.G. Wells British author and social critic, born Herman George Wells, celebrated for developing the genre of science fiction.
Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy Russian author and social critic (b.1828--d.1910).
man of letters a man whose occupation or avocation is in literature, esp. as a writer, critic, scholar, or translator.
pundit an authoritative, or purportedly authoritative, commentator or critic. [1/3 definitions]
Samuel Johnson an English author, lexicographer, and critic (b.1709--d.1784).