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agrobiology the applied science of plant growth and nutrition aimed at improving soil conditions and crop yield.
agronomy the study and application of scientific methods of soil management and field crop production; scientific agriculture.
banana republic (informal) a small, often politically unstable Central American country with a one-crop economy that is controlled by foreign capital (used as a derogatory label).
basset2 in geology, to protrude or emerge, as from a level, background, or buried part; crop out. [1/2 definitions]
cash crop a crop grown for sale to others rather than for personal use.
cotton a crop consisting of cotton plants. [1/6 definitions]
cover crop a quick-growing crop planted to prevent soil erosion or soil depletion.
craw the pouch in the gullet of a bird or insect in which food is held and may be partially digested; crop. [1/2 definitions]
crop to cause to produce a crop or crops. [2/12 definitions]
fruitage a fruit crop or fruits collectively. [1/3 definitions]
harvest to gather a crop from (a field or garden). [1/7 definitions]
patch a fairly small piece of land, esp. one in which a particular crop grows. [1/10 definitions]
reap to bring in a crop of grain; harvest. [1/3 definitions]
root crop a crop, such as potatoes, beets, or carrots, that is grown for its edible roots.
rotation of crops a system planting different crops in a fixed, repeated order in the same field so that each successive crop restores soil nutrients that were absorbed by the previous one.
scarecrow a large figure of a human being, usu. made from stuffed clothes and set up in a crop field to scare birds away. [1/2 definitions]
sharecrop to work (farmland) as a sharecropper, giving a portion of the crop to the landowner.
sharecropper a tenant farmer who gives a portion of his or her crop to the owner of the land as rent.
soil conservation a method, such as crop rotation or contour farming, to protect fertile topsoil from erosion or other damage.
stubble the stubs of crop stalks, as of corn, that remain in the ground after the crop has been cut. [1/2 definitions]
wax bean a crop plant that is a variety of the kidney bean. [1/2 definitions]