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baldpate a brown freshwater duck with a white crown; wigeon. [1/2 definitions]
blackcap any of several birds with a black crown, such as the chickadee. [1/2 definitions]
capuchin a Central or South American monkey with a nearly bare face and a crown of hair that resembles a monk's hood. [1/3 definitions]
cocked hat a man's hat with a wide brim turned up in two or three flaps toward a pointed crown.
commonwealth (cap.) a voluntary association of sovereign states with common interests, or a federation of former colonies, such as those sharing an allegiance to the British crown. [1/3 definitions]
Corona Borealis a spring constellation in the northern sky, located between Hercules and Bo÷tes; Northern Crown.
coronary pertaining to blood vessels encircling any organ like a crown. [2/5 definitions]
coronet a crown worn by a noble below the rank of sovereign. [1/2 definitions]
crown a graphic representation of a crown, or anything resembling a crown in shape or position. [4/21 definitions]
crownless combined form of crown.
crown princess a crown prince's wife. [1/2 definitions]
diadem a crown or headband symbolizing royal status. [1/3 definitions]
enamel the hard, shiny, calcium covering of a tooth crown. [1/5 definitions]
fedora a hat of soft felt, with a curled brim that can be turned up or down and a lengthwise crease in the crown.
Gibraltar a British crown colony located on this peninsula. [1/3 definitions]
hatband a band of cloth placed around the crown of a hat, just above the brim.
homburg a felt hat that has a stiff, shallow, slightly curled brim and a soft creased crown.
Kentucky Derby the first of three annual U.S. horse races known as the Triple Crown.
kinglet any of several small songbirds of North America and Europe with a brightly colored crown or crest.
Kohinoor a large Indian diamond that is included in the British crown jewels.
laurel (pl.) honor or distinction (from the crown of laurel leaves awarded in ancient Greece to athletes and military heroes). [1/3 definitions]