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balloon tire a wide tire with deep walls that is inflated with relatively low air pressure to cushion shocks or facilitate travel on sand.
bolster a pillow or cushion, esp. a long, cylindrical one used on a sofa or bed. [2/4 definitions]
bustle2 a cushion or wire frame formerly worn beneath a dress to add fullness in the rear. [1/2 definitions]
cushion to place on, supply with, or hold up with a cushion or something serving as one. [1/5 definitions]
cushionless combined form of cushion.
hassock a low stool or firm cushion on which to kneel or rest one's feet. [1/2 definitions]
mattress a large rectangular pad consisting of a strong fabric filled with soft material such as fiber, hair, straw, or foam rubber, and used as a cushion to sleep on. [1/2 definitions]
pad1 a piece of soft material used as cushioning to protect from abrasion or impact, such as a cushion, mat, or thick piece of blanket or quilt. [3/11 definitions]
pincushion a small padded cushion used to store pins that are stuck into it.
scratch in pool or billiards, a shot that results in a penalty, esp. when the cue ball jumps the cushion or enters a pocket. [1/22 definitions]
welt a narrow length of fabric, often covering a cord, that is sewn along an edge or seam of a garment, cushion, or slipcover. [1/5 definitions]