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alphabet the letters of a written language, esp. if in the standard or customary order. [1/2 definitions]
betimes before the time that is necessary, expected, or customary; early.
customary of, by, or in reference to the U.S. customary system of measurement, which comprises those units of measurement, such as capacity, length, and mass, that are used primarily in the United States. [1/3 definitions]
displace to move out of the customary or proper place. [1/4 definitions]
empty holding, having, or containing nothing; lacking the customary or appropriate contents. [1/10 definitions]
general common, customary, or widespread. [1/5 definitions]
habitual in accordance with habit; customary. [1/3 definitions]
habitude customary condition or practice.
in harness engaged in one's customary work routine. [1/2 definitions]
institution an established or customary activity or law in a society. [1/5 definitions]
load the usual or customary amount carried or put into something. [1/14 definitions]
mealtime the customary time for eating a meal.
mode2 a contemporary, popular, or customary style or fashion, as of clothing or behavior.
moral conforming to customary principles of right or just conduct; virtuous. [1/6 definitions]
myself my normal or customary condition or way of being. [1/3 definitions]
naked stripped of a former or customary covering. [1/5 definitions]
obtain to be customary; prevail. [1/2 definitions]
odd different from what is expected or customary; strange. [1/7 definitions]
order usual or customary way of proceeding. [1/16 definitions]
orthodox of, concerning, or following that which is customary, generally approved, or conventional. [1/4 definitions]
parliamentary according to the customary rules of procedure governing deliberative or legislative groups. [1/3 definitions]