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Argand burner an oil or gas burner having a metal tube inside a cylindrical wick, through which air is conducted directly to the flame.
bandbox a usu. cylindrical box of cardboard or thin wood, used to hold a hat or other clothing items.
bar1 a length of rigid, solid material, often cylindrical in shape, generally used as a barrier or support. [1/13 definitions]
barracks bag a large cylindrical bag of heavy cloth, usu. with a drawstring, used to contain a soldier's personal belongings; duffel bag.
barrel a cylindrical vessel with a flat top and bottom, often made of wood staves hooped together and having bulging sides. [2/6 definitions]
bass drum a large double-headed cylindrical drum that produces a low, reverberating sound.
bazooka a shoulder-held, cylindrical rocket-launcher that fires an armor-penetrating shell.
billet2 one of series of square or cylindrical ornaments on an architectural molding. [1/4 definitions]
bolster a pillow or cushion, esp. a long, cylindrical one used on a sofa or bed. [1/4 definitions]
boule2 a cylindrical or pear-shaped ball of alumina, fused and tinted to produce a synthetic gem. [1/2 definitions]
bucket a cylindrical container, usu. carried by means of a semicircular handle; pail. [1/5 definitions]
bugle3 a cylindrical glass or plastic bead used to decorate clothing.
bullet a cylindrical, usu. pointed metal projectile that is shot from a firearm. [1/2 definitions]
Bunsen burner a cylindrical burner, used in laboratories, that has holes at the bottom where air enters, mixes with gas, and produces a hot blue flame.
burette a perfectly cylindrical tube with a stopcock near the bottom, used esp. by chemists for measuring out precise amounts of liquid.
bushing a cylindrical part, usu. made of metal, that serves as a bearing in a machine. [1/2 definitions]
can2 a commercial metal container, often cylindrical, for food or other products. [1/9 definitions]
Canadian bacon a cured, boneless strip of pork loin having a hamlike taste, usu. packaged in a cylindrical piece to be sliced.
candle a cylindrical stick of wax or waxlike substance enclosing a wick and burned to give light. [1/4 definitions]
cattail any of several tall, reedlike marsh plants with tiny brown flowers growing in dense rows on a cylindrical spike.
Chinese cabbage an edible lettucelike plant with a long cylindrical head of light-colored crisp leaves.