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blotter a book used to record daily events or transactions, esp. those pertaining to law enforcement. [1/2 definitions]
board daily meals, esp. in combination with rented lodging. [2/9 definitions]
breviary in the Roman Catholic Church, a book containing the hymns and prayers necessary for the daily devotions of the clergy.
civil of or concerning the daily activities of citizens as distinguished from those of the church or the military. [1/4 definitions]
daily dozen (informal) a set of twelve or more calisthenic exercises that are performed daily.
daven to recite a daily prayer or prayers of the Jewish liturgy.
day-to-day occurring daily; routine. [1/2 definitions]
daywork work that is completed and paid for on a daily basis, such as the work of a housecleaner.
diary a daily record, esp. of a person's experiences, reflections, and private thoughts. [1/3 definitions]
diurnal occurring in or pertaining to a day or each day; daily. [1/2 definitions]
Dow Jones industrial average trademark for the index of prices of thirty industrial stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange and averaged daily.
everyday pertaining to daily occurrences or routine matters. [1/2 definitions]
getaway a period of relaxing away from daily cares, or a place, such as a cabin or resort, for doing so. [2/5 definitions]
journal a record of personal experiences, reflections, or daily events. [2/4 definitions]
Kaddish an ancient Jewish prayer recited during the daily service. [1/2 definitions]
log1 an official daily record of a trip by a ship or plane, noting speed, distance traveled, and any relevant events. [1/7 definitions]
newspaper a publication, usu. daily or weekly, containing news, editorials and advertising. [1/3 definitions]
per diem a daily allowance, esp. for expenses. [2/3 definitions]
Ramadan the daily fasting from sunrise to sunset that is strictly observed during this period. [1/2 definitions]
ration (pl.) fixed daily supplies, as of food to an army; restricted provisions. [1/5 definitions]
RDA abbreviation of "recommended daily allowance."