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argue to debate. [1/5 definitions]
argumentative given to argument, debate, or violent clashes of opinion, often without cause; contentious.
canvass to discuss or debate (an issue, question, or the like) thoroughly. [1/8 definitions]
cause célèbre any court case, issue, or controversy that arouses great public interest or debate.
cloture in U.S. parliamentary procedure, a method of ending debate and causing an immediate vote on the matter being discussed. [2 definitions]
contend to strive in argument; dispute; debate. [1/4 definitions]
contention a point asserted in argument or debate. [1/3 definitions]
controversial subject to debate. [1/3 definitions]
controversy a dispute, esp. a public one, marked by the expression of opposing views; debate. [1/2 definitions]
debatable open to debate or argument; doubtful.
debate to engage in a formal debate. [2/7 definitions]
deliberative organized or convened to debate issues formally for the purpose of determining policy. [1/2 definitions]
disputant involved or participating in argument, debate, or dispute. [1/2 definitions]
disputation the act of disputing; discussion or debate. [2 definitions]
dispute to argue or debate about (a question, proposal, or the like). [2/7 definitions]
forensic pertaining to, used in, or fit for public discussion or debate; rhetorical. [2/5 definitions]
impregnable1 absolutely secure, as a point or position in a debate. [1/2 definitions]
logomachy a debate or argument marked by the incorrect use of words. [1/3 definitions]
moot to present for debate or discussion; broach. [1/6 definitions]
outdebate combined form of debate.
peremptory in law, not allowing for debate or argument. [1/4 definitions]