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aircraft carrier a very large warship with a flat upper deck on which airplanes can take off and land.
array to deck out; clothe. [1/6 definitions]
bitt a strong post standing, usu. as one of a pair, on the deck of a ship, around which cables and lines are wound and caught, as in mooring. [1/3 definitions]
bulwark (usu. pl.) the portion of the side of a ship that extends above the upper deck. [1/4 definitions]
bumpkin2 a pole or beam protruding from a ship's deck or hull used to tie down blocks and the like or to extend sails.
carrier a very large naval vessel equipped with a flight deck; aircraft carrier. [1/6 definitions]
catapult a device for launching aircraft where runway space is severely limited, as on an aircraft carrier deck. [1/5 definitions]
coaming a raised border around an opening in a roof, floor, or deck, designed to keep out water.
companionway a stairway or ladder leading from one deck of a ship to another.
deadlight a thick glass window set in a ship's hull or deck. [1/3 definitions]
deck an open platform somewhat resembling the open top deck of a ship. [2/6 definitions]
deck hand a seaman employed mostly on the deck of a vessel.
dhow a vessel having a lateen sail or sails, sometimes having a raised deck at the stern, used primarily by Arabs along the coast of the Indian Ocean.
diamond any shape resembling this, such as the red figure designating one suit in a deck of playing cards. [1/7 definitions]
euchre a card game for two to four people, using the highest thirty-two cards in the deck. [1/3 definitions]
face card any king, queen, or jack in a regular deck of playing cards.
forecastle the section of the upper deck of a ship at the bow or in front of the foremast. [2/3 definitions]
foredeck the forward part of a ship's main deck.
freeboard the distance on a cargo ship between the water line and the highest watertight deck or the upper edge of the side of the hull. [1/2 definitions]
gangway an opening in the side of a ship that extends above the deck, used for getting on or off the ship. [1/4 definitions]
heart anything shaped like the figure that somewhat resembles a heart, as on one of the four suits in a deck of cards. [1/8 definitions]