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adjudge to declare or determine formally or judicially. [1/3 definitions]
affirm to firmly declare (something), or to state or maintain (something) as true. [1/2 definitions]
allege to state with certainty; declare. [1/3 definitions]
anathematize to declare to be accursed, condemned, excommunicated, or the like. [2/4 definitions]
approve to consider or declare (something) good or right. [1/3 definitions]
asseverate to declare with solemnity and earnestness; affirm.
canonize in the Roman Catholic Church, to declare (someone) a saint. [1/3 definitions]
casus belli (Latin) an event or occurrence that provokes or serves as a pretext to declare war.
condemn to express extreme disapproval of; declare to be wrong, inadequate, or evil. [3/5 definitions]
confess to admit or declare (one's sins) before a priest. [2/6 definitions]
consecrate to dedicate to the service or worship of a deity; make or declare sacred. [1/3 definitions]
damn to declare the immorality or unworthiness of; condemn. [1/11 definitions]
dedicate to set apart or declare to be for a special use or purpose, as a worthy cause, public benefit, or sacred activities. [1/3 definitions]
deny to declare (something) false; refuse to agree with or admit; dispute; contradict. [1/3 definitions]
disqualify to strip of some right or privilege, such as the right to participate in an athletic contest; declare ineligible or unqualified. [1/2 definitions]
doom to declare a judgment or decision against; condemn. [1/5 definitions]
illegitimate to declare or prove illegitimate. [1/6 definitions]
judge to consider or declare as one's opinion after some deliberation. [1/10 definitions]
justify to absolve of sin or error; declare or make free of blame or guilt. [1/4 definitions]
lay claim to to declare one's right to or ownership of.
legitimize to make or declare lawful or legal. [1/3 definitions]