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annihilate (informal) to defeat decisively; overwhelm. [1/3 definitions]
balk anything that blocks or stops forward progress; hindrance; defeat. [1/7 definitions]
beat to win against; defeat. [1/15 definitions]
beating a decisive defeat. [1/3 definitions]
Belshazzar according to the Old Testament, the last king of Babylon, killed by the invading Persians after being warned by a hand that wrote of his defeat on a wall.
best to get the better of; defeat. [1/11 definitions]
call it quits to give up and admit defeat. [1/2 definitions]
checkmate any situation in which no escape is possible and defeat is certain. [2/3 definitions]
clobber to defeat decisively; trounce. [1/2 definitions]
console1 to give comfort in time of loss, defeat, or suffering; relieve grief or disappointment; give solace to.
cook one's goose (informal) to cause one to lose further opportunity; ruin one's chances; doom one to failure or defeat.
counterinsurgency a government program or action designed to defeat a rebellion or guerilla insurgency. [1/2 definitions]
counterrevolution a political movement or action that seeks to defeat a successful or attempted revolution.
crush to suppress, oppress, or defeat decisively. [1/11 definitions]
defeatable combined form of defeat.
defeatism the tendency to expect defeat or accept defeat with resignation.
die-hard a person who stubbornly refuses to accept defeat or change, abandon a position, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
drub to vanquish; defeat. [1/3 definitions]
drubbing a sound beating or defeat, as in an athletic contest.
edge out to force out, defeat, or overcome by a small margin.
fall a defeat or capture, as of a military force or a city. [1/19 definitions]