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bound3 to define; limit. [1/4 definitions]
circumscribe to determine, mark, or specify the limits of; delimit; define. [1/3 definitions]
delimit to define or mark the limits or boundaries of; demarcate.
edging something that constitutes, or is placed along, an edge or border to protect, decorate, or define it.
elusive hard to define or express. [1/3 definitions]
fence a structure made of stone, wire, wood, or other material, that serves to define boundaries of property or to prevent entry into or escape from the area it surrounds. [1/5 definitions]
pinpoint to find or define with complete accuracy. [1/3 definitions]
predefine combined form of define.
resolving power a measure of the smallest distance at which a photographic plate or lens can define the fine detail of an image. [1/2 definitions]
subtle difficult to detect or define; elusive or ambiguous. [1/4 definitions]
window the framework, glass, and fittings that define and equip such an opening. [1/4 definitions]