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dainty a delicious bit of food; delicacy. [1/4 definitions]
delectable extremely pleasing to the taste; delicious. [1/2 definitions]
goody (informal; usu. pl.) something that is very pleasing, delightful, or desirable, esp. something sweet or delicious to eat. [1/2 definitions]
morsel something that is delicious or pleasing. [1/2 definitions]
mouthwatering so appetizing in smell, appearance, taste, or description as to activate one's salivary glands; tasty or delicious.
scrumptious (informal) pleasing to the senses; delectable; delicious.
tasty having a pleasing, agreeable flavor; delicious.
toothsome delicious. [1/2 definitions]
yum-yum delicious; tasty; excellent (used to express pleasure, esp. in the taste of food).