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ask to demand or expect. [2/11 definitions]
authority the right, power, or ability to give orders, make decisions, or demand or compel obedience. [1/4 definitions]
call a demand or need. [1/22 definitions]
call for to require; demand. [1/3 definitions]
call loan a loan that must be repaid on demand at any time.
challenge a calling into question; demand for justification. [1/7 definitions]
charge to demand or ask as a price. [1/22 definitions]
claim to assert ownership; demand as one's right. [2/8 definitions]
commercial bank a bank that is involved primarily in receiving demand deposits that are used as checking accounts, and in making short-term loans.
counterdemand combined form of demand.
demandable combined form of demand.
demand-pull of or denoting a type of increase in prices that is caused by increased demand for a limited supply of goods or services. (Cf. cost-push.)
double bind a situation in which a person can satisfy one expectation or demand only by failing to satisfy another; dilemma.
draw to make a demand (fol. by "on"). [1/19 definitions]
dun1 to repeatedly demand payment from. [2/3 definitions]
elasticity in economics, the degree to which changes in price cause changes in supply or demand for goods or services. [1/3 definitions]
encore an audience demand for continuation of a performance. [2/3 definitions]
exact to require, demand, or cause to be given up, esp. by use of force or threat. [1/4 definitions]
float to allow (a currency) to change in value according to supply and demand. [1/14 definitions]
free enterprise the notion that a capitalist economy does not require government support or intervention, but can regulate itself through the relationships of supply and demand in a freely competitive market.
glut to supply (a market) with much more of a particular article than there is demand for. [1/5 definitions]