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caber a long wooden pole, resembling a telephone pole, that is hoisted at one end and then thrown end over end to demonstrate strength, esp. in Scottish Highland games.
correlate to arrange, as two sets of data, so as to demonstrate or emphasize their causal, reciprocal, complementary, or parallel relationship. [1/4 definitions]
counterdemonstrate combined form of demonstrate.
criminate to demonstrate the guilt of; incriminate. [1/3 definitions]
demonstrative serving to demonstrate or illustrate; explanatory. [1/5 definitions]
exemplify to demonstrate or explain by providing an example. [1/2 definitions]
gymnastics (used with a pl. verb) physical exercises used to develop and demonstrate muscular strength, agility, and control, esp. with the aid of special equipment such as the parallel bars, the horse, and the high bar. [1/3 definitions]
homologize to cause or demonstrate to be homologous. [1/2 definitions]
justify to demonstrate (something) to be true or valid. [1/4 definitions]
let in mathematics, used to propose that something be accepted as true in order to set up a problem or demonstrate a principle. [1/8 definitions]
manifest to show plainly; display; demonstrate. [1/5 definitions]
on one's mettle in a position to demonstrate inner reserves of good character or spirit.
present2 to exhibit or demonstrate. [1/7 definitions]
put one through one's paces to cause one to demonstrate skill or ability.
refute to demonstrate the falseness or error of; disprove. [1/2 definitions]
show to demonstrate or reveal. [1/16 definitions]
sit-in an organized passive occupation of a prohibited area, as in a racially segregated establishment, a university, or a corporation, to demonstrate against the policies pursued therein.
than used to demonstrate preference or express exception when following an adjective or an adverb. [1/2 definitions]