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ADA abbreviation of "American Dental Association." [1/2 definitions]
bridgework any of various types of dental bridges, or such bridges collectively. [1/2 definitions]
D.D.S. abbreviation of "Doctor of Dental Surgery."
dental hygiene the care and cleaning of teeth, esp. by professional dental hygienists. [1/2 definitions]
dental hygienist a licensed specialist in preventive dental care, whose practice includes cleaning and x-rays, and who often works in a dentist's office.
endodontics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of dentistry that diagnoses and treats diseases of the dental pulp; root canal therapy.
floss soft thread used for cleaning between the teeth; dental floss. [3/5 definitions]
irrigate to wash out or spray during a medical or dental procedure. [1/2 definitions]
lower1 a dental plate for the lower jaw. (Cf. upper.) [1/9 definitions]
Novocaine trademark for a drug, procaine, used as a local anesthetic esp. during dental work.
overbite an abnormal dental condition in which the upper front teeth project over the lower.
root canal a dental procedure in which the root canal is opened, cleaned, and then filled. [1/2 definitions]