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allotment in the U.S. military, the portion of a person's salary authorized for payment directly to another party, such as a dependent. [1/2 definitions]
appanage a grant of land or revenue made by a king or queen to a dependent member of the royal family. [1/2 definitions]
appendage one in a dependent or subordinate position. [1/3 definitions]
caregiver a person, such as a family member or foster parent, who is responsible for the care of a child or dependent adult. [1/2 definitions]
client a nation that is dependent on or under the patronage of another; client state. [1/3 definitions]
cold-blooded of animals such as fishes and reptiles, having blood whose temperature is dependent upon the temperature outside the organism. (Cf. warm-blooded.) [1/3 definitions]
complex sentence a sentence composed of a main or independent clause and one or more dependent or subordinate clauses, such as "This is an independent clause, whereas this is a dependent clause".
conditioned dependent on or existing under a certain condition or conditions. [1/3 definitions]
correlative related in a mutually dependent or reciprocal way, as life forms. [1/4 definitions]
creature a person who is subservient to or dependent upon another. [1/2 definitions]
dependence the condition of being dependent on another for help or support. [1/5 definitions]
dependency the condition of being dependent. [2 definitions]
drug addict one who is physically dependent on regular doses of one or more narcotics.
eleemosynary of, pertaining to, dependent on, or given as charity; charitable.
fiat currency paper currency that is dependent for its value on a government fiat or decree, and cannot be exchanged for gold or silver.
fiat money paper currency that is dependent for its value on a government fiat or decree, and cannot be exchanged for gold or silver.
free no longer dependent on someone or something. [1/20 definitions]
function a factor or quality that is dependent upon one or more other factors or qualities. [1/5 definitions]
interdependent relying on one another; mutually dependent.
kinetic theory in physics, the theory that the particles of all matter are in constant motion and that temperature is dependent on the speed of such motion.
monetarism a theory that economic security and growth are dependent upon a controlled growth in the supply of money.