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copy desk a desk in a newspaper office where copy is edited and prepared for typesetting, and where headlines are composed.
cubbyhole a small compartment, open at one end, such as one of several in a desk for holding paper, pencils, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
desktop the flat, upper working surface of a desk. [1/4 definitions]
escritoire a writing desk.
inkwell a small container for ink, often recessed into a desk or table top.
kneehole a space for the knees, as beneath a desk.
lectern a desk or stand with a slanted top to hold books, notes, or the like for a standing speaker or reader, as in a classroom or church.
pigeonhole one of usu. several recessed areas, as in a desk, for filing paper, envelopes, or the like. [1/5 definitions]
priedieu a low stand with a small desk top and a ledge at the bottom on which to kneel in prayer.
reception (chiefly British) the place where one reports one's arrival and is greeted at a hotel or office, or at a large function; reception desk. [2/6 definitions]
roll top a flexible wooden cover of hinged parallel slats that slides up into the top of a desk when it is being used.
room clerk a hotel or motel clerk who registers guests at the front desk, sorts mail, provides information, and the like.
secretary a piece of furniture with a desk top, drawers, and bookshelves. [1/4 definitions]
self-service the act or process of serving oneself at a store, restaurant, or the like, and paying at a designated cashier's desk. [1/2 definitions]
spindle to impale (papers, cards, or the like) on a desk spindle. [1/9 definitions]