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curse to cause to suffer a misfortune, as if by destiny or a magical spell. [1/9 definitions]
doom fate or destiny, esp. that of destruction or death. [1/5 definitions]
fate predetermined or inevitable outcome; destiny. [2/6 definitions]
fortune (often pl.) one's destiny, or the outcome of one's life or experiences during a period of one's life. [1/4 definitions]
karma destiny; fate. [1/3 definitions]
kismet destiny, fortune, or fate.
Manifest Destiny the nineteenth century belief that justified American imperialistic expansion by asserting that it was the destiny and duty of the United States to expand its territory throughout North America.
own one's property, inheritance, destiny, or what is felt to be one's due or potential. [1/5 definitions]
predestination a predetermined future; fate; destiny. [1/3 definitions]
star (usu. pl.) in astrology, a planet or arrangement of planets thought to have an impact on one's destiny. [1/11 definitions]
ticket to note a destination or destiny for, as though written on a ticket. [1/10 definitions]