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ABM abbreviation of "antiballistic missile," a missile designed to meet and destroy a ballistic missile in flight.
angary the legal right of a state or nation at war to seize, destroy, or otherwise use the property of a neutral state, provided proper compensation is made.
annihilate to destroy completely; reduce to ruin. [1/3 definitions]
antiballistic missile a missile designed to meet and destroy a ballistic missile in flight.
antibiotic any of various substances derived from fungi or other organisms and used to destroy or prevent the growth of bacteria or other disease-causing organisms. [1/2 definitions]
antimissile used to destroy hostile ballistic missiles. [1/2 definitions]
assassinate to destroy, abuse, or defame. [1/2 definitions]
biological warfare the use of living organisms such as bacteria or viruses to kill or disable people or destroy their food supply.
blight to ruin, frustrate, or destroy. [1/5 definitions]
blot out to destroy utterly. [1/2 definitions]
blow up to destroy or be destroyed through an explosion. [1/5 definitions]
boll weevil a small, grayish beetle with a long snout, whose larvae hatch in and destroy cotton bolls.
bomb to attack or destroy with a bomb. [1/8 definitions]
break to crack, destroy, or make inoperative or unusable. [1/25 definitions]
burn down to destroy or disintegrate by burning.
bust2 to make poor; destroy financially. [1/10 definitions]
cauterize to sear with heat or chemicals to stop bleeding or destroy infected tissue.
cautery something, such as a caustic agent or a very hot or very cold instrument, used to burn or sear and thus to destroy unwanted tissue. [1/2 definitions]
consume to destroy. [1/6 definitions]
corrode to damage or slowly destroy. [1/3 definitions]
corrupt to damage or destroy the moral character of; cause to become dishonest, disloyal, unjust, or otherwise immoral. [1/11 definitions]