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anatomize to dissect (a plant or animal) in order to examine in detail the structure or location of various parts. [1/2 definitions]
at length for a long time; in great detail. [1/2 definitions]
blow-by-blow in full and precise detail, as a description or report.
choreograph to plan (a complex event or sequence of events) in great detail. [1/2 definitions]
choreographer a person who plans a complex event or sequence of events in great detail. [1/2 definitions]
delineate to describe or portray in precise or vivid detail. [1/2 definitions]
dense difficult to understand because of complexity or volume of detail. [1/4 definitions]
develop to add detail to; elaborate. [1/10 definitions]
dilation the process of writing or speaking about something in detail. [1/2 definitions]
eidetic pertaining to or designating the ability to recall images in almost perfect detail.
elaborate characterized by intricate and perhaps excessive detail. [1/5 definitions]
elaboration the act or an instance of adding elaborative material or detail, or the material or detail so added. [1/2 definitions]
embellishment a fictitious or unneeded detail added to enhance a story or the like. [1/3 definitions]
enlarge to express oneself more thoroughly or in greater detail. [1/5 definitions]
exacting requiring or insisting on great attention to detail. [1/2 definitions]
exhaust to treat or study thoroughly, in every detail. [1/11 definitions]
expand to develop in greater detail. [2/5 definitions]
expatiate to discuss something at great length; describe in great detail (often fol. by upon).
expound to discuss or explain in detail (usu. fol. by on or upon). [2 definitions]
fastidious exceedingly particular or demanding esp. in matters of detail; exacting. [1/2 definitions]
fidelity accuracy and truthfulness; faithfulness to fact and detail. [1/3 definitions]