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abscess to develop an abscess. [1/2 definitions]
amber a hard, translucent fossil resin that will develop an electric charge when rubbed. [1/4 definitions]
bodybuilder a person who engages in bodybuilding, the process of working to develop large muscles through special diet and exercise.
bodybuilding the process of working to develop large muscles in one's body through the use of special diet and exercise, particularly weightlifting.
breed in genetics, to fertilize or pollinate under controlled conditions in order to develop or improve a strain. [1/9 definitions]
brew to develop or contrive (sometimes fol. by "up"). [2/9 definitions]
bruise to have or develop a physical bruise. [1/4 definitions]
bud1 a swelling on a plant that can develop into new parts, such as leaves or a flower. [3/7 definitions]
build up to enlarge, strengthen, or develop, esp. in stages. [2/3 definitions]
burgeon to grow or develop quickly. [1/2 definitions]
camp fire member a member of the Camp Fire, an organization originally for girls and now also open to boys, founded to promote good values and character and develop practical skills.
codevelop combined form of develop.
dawn to start to grow; begin to develop. [1/5 definitions]
developable combined form of develop.
developer a chemical used to develop exposed photographic film. [1/2 definitions]
ectoderm an animal embryo's outermost layer of cells, from which the skin, nervous system, and sense organs develop.
elaborate to develop with attention to the minute details of. [2/5 definitions]
emerge to come into being; develop. [1/3 definitions]
evolve to develop, achieve, or devise gradually. [4/5 definitions]
expand to develop in greater detail. [1/5 definitions]
fixate to develop and persist in an immature psychological attachment, or to suffer arrested emotional development. [1/5 definitions]